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WAH Expo to make the Vadodara city fit and healthy

WAH Expo to make the Vadodara city fit and healthy

In a first of its kind event in Vadodara doctors from more then 15 hospitals will come together at one place to spread awareness about various diseases to the people. The aim is to prevent rather then cure and help everyone know about their body and health.

Wellness and Health (WAH) Expo 2018 will be on 8th April with an aim to create a environment to know your health before it's too late. "The idea is simple health to all and for that the herculene task is to bring every hospital on the platform. More than 15 hospitals will take part in the expo to provide health related information to the people. We invite doctors and healthcare providers in the expo to give details and demonstrate the latest healthcare facilities and equipments available to the people," said Roma Shah Admin director of Pranayam Lung and Heart Institute and the main brain behind the expo.

The hospitals of various specialities will exhibiting instruments, models and demonstrate the latest healthcare equipments available in the city. The expo will also showcasing products and instruments used in many medical procedures.

"One can avail the the free check ups like BMI, Skin and Hair type analysis, Lung capacity test, dental health, eye health and others. The people can also directly interact with the specialists there at the expo to know where they stand in health parameters and get the expert opinion," said Shah.

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