The MLA of Waghodia assembly constituency of Vadodara has been living in frequent controversies. MLA Madhu Srivastava, whether it is to threaten the media or the system, is known for his controversial statements. After a recent threat to a media person, the leader once again found himself in yet another controversy.

As the campaign for Vadodara district and taluka panchayat elections has started, the election central office was inaugurated at the meeting of district panchayat on Wednesday. MLA Madhu Srivastava was also present in the program and was given a mic to address the gathering. However once again he slipped his tongue and said among the workers, “I keep the collector and the police in check.”

The matter spread like wild fire and Deputy CM Nitin Patel also gives his version on the whole episode during his visit to Vadodara. He said no one has the right to speak anything about anyone. He don’t have the details about the reference he spoke about but it is not good to say anything to anyone even to a employee of any department or to a neighbour.


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