Waghodia MLA Madhu Shrivastav dance without mask in Bhajan Sandhya


Recently discharged from hospital after Covid 19 treatment

A dance video of Waghodia MLA Madhu Shrivastav goes viral on social media where the bahubali leader is seen dancing without wearing a mask. It is to be mentioned that he recently been released from the hospital after the treatment of Coronavirus.

Once again Madhu Shrivastav is in news for wrong reasons. A video of the leader goes viral in social media where the bahubali leader seen dancing without wearing the mask. In a show of strength Madhu Shrivastav danced inside a Bhajan Sandhya at Gajrawadi Hanuman temple and openly violated the Covid 19 guideines. His supporters are also seen dancing with him without wearing masks.

Around 20 days ago the BJP leader was tested positive of Coronavirus and admitted in hospital for treatment.  He recently return back home after the treatment and visited Hanuman temple in Gajrawadi area of the city. However he can’t stop himself from dancing to the tunes of Bhajan sandhya inside the temple. What is more alarming was that he danced without wearing mask and put the others lives also in danger.

Madhu Shrivastav said, the temple is situated near his house and hence it not necessary to wear mask there. Every Saturday he recite Hanuman Chalisa inside the temple.

Earlier also a video went viral of Madhu Shrivastav during his stay in the hospital. He mentioned about being tested positive of Coronavirus and asked his family, friends and supporters not to worry and soon defeat the virus.

His PA Vijay Parmar also tested positive of Covid 19 and died during treatment. Till date two running MLA’s from Vadodara district and three former MLA’s successfully defeated the virus and return home.


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