Wadi police caught gamblers playing dice game at Dudhwala mohalla in Vadodara

National Safety Day 2021

Caught five and search for the rest

Vadodara Wadi police raid at sebsitive Dudhwala Mohalla and caught people gamble in the area. The team based on the information raid there and caught four to five people from the spot.

As per the details Wadi PSI S.J. Tomar along with her staff raid the sensitive Dudhwala Mohalla at old Nyaymandir and caught gamblers from there. They were playing dice game there when the team raid and caught around five from there.

The incident however creates a tense like situation as the gamblers tried to run from the police. However the team caught around five people and out of them one felt unconscious.

As per PSI S.J. Tomar they raid the spot after gathering the information in last eight days about the gambling activities at the place. They caught around five accused from the spot and search for the rest.



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