Keeping in mind to make the travelling experience of passengers more entertaining and memorable Western Railway conceptualize the innovative idea of introducing ‘On Board Shopping Cart’ inside trains. The concept was first introduced in Mumbai – Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express on 1st March, 2019 and thereafter, in Bandra Terminus – Jammu Tawi Vivek Express on 2nd March, 2019.

Many passengers welcomed this move and shared about getting such services available in flights till now. With such positive reviews from the passengers, W. Rly has now extended this On Board Shopping facility to two more trains of Ahmedabad division.

According to a press release issued by WR CPRO Ravinder Bhakar, total 18 Mail and Express trains of W. Rly has been nominated for the service and out of which two trains are of Ahmedabad division and the remaining 16 trains are of Mumbai Division. As on date, the facility has been introduced in six trains of Western Railway.

Bhakar stated that in addition to the two trains running with the service, the same facility has now been introduced in Bandra Terminus – Amritsar Paschim Express, Bandra Terminus – Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express, Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Karnavati Express and Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad Double Decker Express.

Mumbai Division allotted the contract to M/s HBN NETWORK PVT.LTD for a period of five years and this shall help Railways to garner revenue to the tune of Rs 3.66 Cr. in 5 years while the contract by Ahmedabad Division is for a period of three months with a monthly license fee of Rs. 44,000/-.

This facility will give passengers the opportunity to buy FMCG household products such as Oral care, Skin care, Hair care, Cosmetics, Kitchen appliances, Health-related items, Paper products, Confectionery, Stationery products and other products which will be sold on MRP. The shopping carts are manned by uniformed salespersons and have Credit and Debit card swiping machines.

From the earlier experience, it has been noticed that Ladies cosmetic items as well as children toys are more in demand. This unique initiative by Western Railway has not only brought about a fresh hue of change in the travelling experience of passengers in trains but has also set the earning registers ringing.

The details of the remaining trains of Mumbai Division in which the On Board Shopping facility will be extended soon are:

1. 22913/14 Bandra Terminus – Saharsa Humsafar Express
2. 22949/50 Bandra Terminus – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Express
3. 22917/18 Bandra Terminus – Haridwar Express
4. 22915/16 Bandra Terminus – Hisar SF Express
5. 12907/08 Bandra Terminus –  Nizamuddin Sampark Kranti Express
6. 19061/62 Bandra Terminus –  Ramnagar Express
7. 19021/22 Bandra Terminus –  Lucknow Express
8. 22933/34 Bandra Terminus –  Jaipur SF Express
9. 12909/10 Bandra Terminus –   H. Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express
10. 22935/36 Bandra Terminus – Palitana Express
11. 22931/32 Bandra Terminus –  Jaisalmer Express
12 . 22991/92 Bandra Terminus –  Veraval Express


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