To inculcate the basics of e voting to their students the Shri Girdharbhai D. Patel Badhir Madhyamik Vidyalaya registered their votes online to their favourite candidates. The school also wants to start the process of go paperless and hence started the voting from this year.

As the whole election process in the country is based on e voting and the students of today are going to be the voters of tomorrow.

To aware their students with the whole process of voting the school this year choose their GS and YGS through e voting.

The students and the school staff went through the same procedure of showing their I Cards, inking their fingers and then vote online on a laptop with all the details of the candidates. The students are also happy with the new way of voting and said it will help them in the future when they actually use their voting rights.

“The students of 9 to 12 along with the school staff cast their votes through e voting. We feed all the details of candidates in the laptop along with their names and left a space for the voters to vote. The students are the future voters of the country and to make them aware of all the voting process we started the e voting from this year. It’s a learning process for all as we also actively part in the school election process for the first time. The second thing is to go paperless as lots of papers was used during such elections. But this time it’s very smooth and easy for all,” said Rashmi Mehta Principal of the school.


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