VMSS health department team on Friday strikes at the mango market behind Khanderao market and destroyed around 530 kgs of Ethanil and carbide powder ripe mangoes on the spot. The health department teams started the campaign to check the quality of the mangoes in view of people’s health and on the second straight in the Vadodara city.


During the onset of summer the powder ripe mangoes are sold by the makeshift juice counters scattered all over the city. The sellers are playing with the health of the people. In view of that the VMSS health department teams strikes at such counters and the whole sellers. VMSS health department food inspector Jitendra Gohil said that on Friday the teams strikes at the wholesale market behind the Khanderao market and checked in 27 outlets.


The mango vendors ordered the consignment from Gujarat and different states all across India. After that they ripe the mangoes with the help of Carbide and Ethenil powder and then sold it in wholesale rate. The powder ripe mangoes are dangerous for the health of people and the health department teams destroyed the mangoes during the onset of the season.


The health teams checked 27 outlets and found the stocks of mangoes put to ripe with the help of carbide powder pouches. The team destroyed about 530kgs of such mangoes on the spot. On Thursday the VMSS teams raid on juice centers and watermelon selling outlets and destroyed, juice, liquid sugar and other things on the spot.