VMSS started mass movement to defeat Corona


Officials took pledge to follow guidelines and spread awareness in people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week launched a campaign to stop the spread of Covid-19. Following this, Vadodara Municipal Corporation has organized a program on Thursday in which the employees of all the offices of the corporation took an oath to abide by the Covid guidelines and try to create awareness among the people.

The awareness campaign is being launched in view of the upcoming festivals and the country’s economy. The campaign aims to promote public participation. Under this campaign targeted communication will take place in the districts with more corona cases. At the same time, simple and easy-to-understand messages will be released to reach every citizen.

The pledge programme was organised by Vadodara Municipal Corporation on Thursday to bring awareness among the people and the employees will abide by Covid’s guideline. Local and national influential people will be involved in spreading the message of the awareness campaign to every household.

Mayor Dr. Jigishaben Sheth, Deputy Mayor Dr. Jivraaj Chauhan, Standing Committee Chairman Satish Patel, Commissioner P. Swaroop, class one officers, officials and employees all offices, Urban Health Centres, Parks and Gardens, Zoo, fire brigade took pledge to follow Corona guidelines and spread awareness in people.


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