Found less horse power pumps installed in the Sewage pumping station.

VMSS Standing Committee chairman caught a scam of installing less horse power pumps inside Sewage pumping station in Gajrawadi area in Vadodara. Leader of opposition Chandrakant Shrivastav already raised the issue in the general meeting of VMC and on Wednesday the scam was busted by the chairman of standing committee.

Standing Committee chairman Satish Patel caught the scam during his visit to the Gajrawadi Sewage pumping station where he found three 15 MPHR pumps instead of the 19 MPHR. Chairman questioned the contractor about the 85lakh scam of installing less power pumps in the station.

Satish Patel said total six pumps are installed there for the water treatment but during his inspection he found three pumps of less MPHR instead of the original 19 MPHR. A order was given to ERDA company for investigation in the matter and after the report rightful action will be taken against the accused.

Leader of opposition Chandrakant Shrivastav also reached the spot and said to be raised the issue in the general meeting of VMC. Contractor is saving himself after saying about the wrong stickers pasted on the pumps. They demand a strict inquiry in the matter and involvement of some officials in the scam might comes out in the report.

Last week Standing Committee chairman caught the drainage pipeline scam in Navapura Mehboobpura  area of the city and now caught the pumping motors scam in Gajrawadi area.


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