VMSS health teams conduct checking at sweet shops


Collect samples of sweets for testing

Vadodara city is in the grip of Coronavirus and everyday the patient numbers are increasing. In between the Rakshabandhan festival is approaching and VMC health teams are already in action mode to check the quality of sweets and farsan.

The health teams on Friday conduct checking inside the sweet shops in areas like Alkapuri, Gotri, Manjalpur, Rajmahal road and VIP road to check the quality of sweets and farsan. They collected samples of Kesar Peda, Kaju Anjir roll, Butter Scotch Barfi, Anjir Barfi and others from the shops and send for laboratory testing.

Sweets are selling in big numbers during Rakshabandhan and in view of the health of people, the teams formed different teams and checked the quality of items at popular sweet shops. They collected the samples of different varieties of sweets and send for laboratory testing.

The food safety officers also issued schedule 4 notice to the shops not maintaining hygiene at the work place.


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