National Safety Day 2021

Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) health department team on Friday striked at the juice centers in Vadodara city. The teams checked and destroyed 100kgs of mango juice where colours and liquid sugar was used, 35kgs of liquid sugar, 35kgs fruits and 20kgs of ice made without Chlorination.

In view of the upcoming summer season the VMSS health team on the second consecutive day striked at the juice centers selling juice to the people. Yesterday they striked at the ice factories and destroyed 150kgs of ice made without chlorination and also served notices to the owner of ice factories.

On Friday the two teams striked at Gorwa and Harni road areas and checked mango juice centers, fruit juice centers, sugarcane juice cola centers. During checking the teams destroyed un consumable 100kgs of mango juice, 35kgs of liquid sugar, 45kgs of rotten fruits and 20kgs of ice made without chlorination.

The teams also took samples from mango juice centers, fruit juice centers and sugarcane juice cola centers for further checking. One team checked in 15 such centers in Gorwa and another team checked Harni road Sangam cross roads and Karelibaug area.

The VMSS health department food inspector said that during summer people get ill after consuming food which is uneatable. The checking in done in order to provide fresh juice to the people by the juice centers. The two teams of health department checked in two areas and will check in other areas in coming days.

The king of fruits Mango is already started arriving in the city and during this time many sellers are using carbide powder to ripe the mangoes. The use of carbide powder is dangerous for the health of people and the VMSS health department is ensuring that the juice center cannot play with the health of the people.





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