VMSS health teams conduct checking in 7 to 8 hotels in Vadodara and destroyed around 25 kgs of non eatable materials on the spot. The department make two teams for two different areas and they checked the quality of the food and the storage materials inside the kitchen.

Christmas marks the beginning of New Year celebration and people often choose to visit hotels along with their families in this time of the year. However most of the time they don’t care about their health and not even inquire about the quality of the food being served.

In view of that the health teams of VMSS conduct checking at various hotels of Vadodara city on Thursdayand check the quality of the food served to the customers. They also collected the food samples for testing from the hotel kitchens. Health officer Jitendra Gohil said they found veg and non veg items kept in one storage but as per the rules they shall be kept separate.


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