Continue their checking inside the makeshift juice centres in Vadodara the VMSS health departments teams search inside the juice centres in administrative ward of 6 and 12 on Wednesday. They destroyed juice, liquid sugar and raw fruits at the spot and give schedule 4 notice to three centres.

During the onset of summer the makeshift juice centres serve mango and sugarcane juice to the people risking their health. To check such centres the health department team conduct checking drives in different areas everyday.

On Wednesday the team conduct checking in seven Mango tents, five cola centres and found unhygienic materials from there. They destroyed 35kg of Mango juice, 12kg liquid sugar, 2 kg of cutting fruit during the drive.

The team visits the juice centres in the areas like Parshuram Bhattha, Akota, Gotri road and Munjmahuda. They collected one sample and give schedule 4 notice to three of the vendors to maintain hygiene.


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