azsmazsdddd x xxOn the instructions of food safety commissioner Gandhinagar the Vadodara safety officers on Thursday checked at the milk centres including Baroda dairy in the city for adulteration. The teams collected samples of various brands of milk and send to the food laboratory of checking.

As per the details to check the unsafety measures taken by the milk producers the food safety commissioner Gandhinagar issues notification to every city in Gujarat to collect milk samples sold in market.

Based on the notification VMSS health department teams check inside various milk collection and distribution centres. They formed eight teams per ward and collect samples of various brands of milk sold in the market. The samples were later send to the food laboratory for checking the quality and other safety measures.

Health officer Mukesh Vaidya said they formed eight teams and since morning they are collecting samples of various brands of milk like Baba T Gold, Vimal Gold, VG Gold, Vimal Shakti and others. The samples are later send to the laboratory for checking adulteration and other safety measures as per the instructions from Gandhinagar.



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