Schedule 4 notice given 165 kg food destroyed

VMSS health department teams conducts checking inside the canteens of MSU in view of the incident of worm found inside the mess food of SD Hall. Schedule 4 notice were given to the canteens and the team destroyed 165kg of raw and cooked unhygienic food at the spot. Three canteens were also ordered to acquire the licence as they are running without any valid licence.

As per the details the VMSS teams conducted checking at the MSU canteens in view of the incident of work found inside the mess food of SD hall. The student upload the pic in the social media and also send it to the hostel superintendent to take immediate action in the matter.

On Thursday health teams checked the six canteens running inside the university and found unhygienic conditions inside the kitchen and the storing area. They give Schedule 4 notices to the canteen and ordered to maintain hygiene at the place.

Total 10 MSU Canteens were Checked by the food department and schedule four notice given to all. The team collected 11 samples of raw material like jeera, oil, flour,chilli powder and prepared food like Potato and Cauliflower. The team destroyed 165 kg of unhygienic vegetables and prepare food.

The team also found some canteens run without licence and they are ordered to acquire the same with the concerned department as soon as possible


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