In view of the upcoming Uttarayan festival the health department team of Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) raid Jagadamba Farsan shop in Fatehgunj area and it’s factory in Nizampura village in the city.


Inside the factory the Chikki was made by spreading the jaggery on the ground. The team immediately stopped the production and issued the notice to the factory owner. Apart from that the team raided various shops in the city area selling Chikki and different food products and took samples from there for testing.


The VMSS health department team raid Mahesh Aggarwal owned Jagdamba Farsan Mart in Fatehgunj area and also at the factory at Nizampura village where the production of the Chikki was going on.


The team found that inside the Jagdamba Farsan factory the jaggery was spread on the bare ground and Chikki was made by the workers. The team immediately stopped the production and issued Schedule 4 notice to the factory owner for not maintaining the hygiene.


During investigation by the team found that the owner of Jagdamba Farsan already made and sold 1500 kgs of Chikki and other items made from Jaggery in the market. Daily 150 to 200 kgs of Chikki and other items were produced inside the factory.


The team checked the Chikki and various food item sold in Uttarayan in Jagdamba Farsan and took samples for checking.


The health team also searched various shops in the Fatehgunj area and check the quality of the sweet products specially made for Uttarayan. They also ordered shops to maintain hygiene where they found such things.






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