Vadodara city is famous for its traditional garba and like every year this year also the enthusiasm is electric. The big garba venues organised the festival for nine days and for the food lovers the facilities are also there inside the venue. However the VMSS health department is also get strict about the health of the people during the festival and conduct checking inside the food stalls at various venues.

The team raid at Navlakhi, United Way, Arkee and Polo club checked the quality of the food there. They destroyed nearly 85 kgs of chatni, Pani puri, Kachori and Manchurian at the spot.According to food inspector Jitendra Gohil the health teams destroyed the food items after they found it spoiled and unhealthy. The food stall owners also shocked to see the teams strikes at the time of their business. The garba organisers also rushed to them for check the situation and they also shocked to see the spoil food items being destroyed by the team.