Destroyed two litres of oil with more TPC

In the view of upcoming festivals the VMSS health department team use TPC (Total Polar Compound) to check the oil used for making food items. In one of the shops two kgs of oil was destroyed after the TPC was excess from the decided level. The checking sends a sense of tension among the Farsan makers as they use the same oil again.

Food inspector Jitendra Gohil said from 1st July 2018 Food Safety and Standard Authority put a ban on using same oil again for frying the food items. In view of that the VMSS health team on Monday conduct checking at Akota area along with TPC and food safety van from Gandhinagar.

He further said as per the rules the TPC in the oil shall not be more than 25 and they check the same with the help of machines from Gandhinagar. The team checked around 20 shops in the area and destroyed 2 litres of oil found with more than 25 TPC.

The Farsan makers use the same oil for making the food items which is dangerous to the health and the health department teams checked the same in the shops and establishments.



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