Use food and safety van to spot check the samples

VMSS health department on Friday conduct checking at Farsan and Sweet shops to check the quality of the food. The team use the food safety van to raid the shops and check the TPC of oil use for frying the items. The team destroyed around 5kg of of Samosa chatni on the spot.

In view of the upcoming diwali festival the health department team conduct checking at the sweet and farsan shops for adulteration. Continue the same the teams with the help of food safety van conduct checking inside farsan and sweet shops in different areas of the city. The team check the oil, sweets, samosas and farsans for their quality in view of the health of people.

Food inspector Jitendra Gohil said the teams check inside the shops at Raopura road, Jubilee Baug, Rajmahal Road, Nizampura, Old Padra road specially the Total Polar Count in the oil used by the owners. Four oil samples were collected by the teams for testing.

He further said that 25 TPC in oil is necessary and lower than the count is dangerous for health. During the checking the team not find the 25 TPC oil and took four samples for testing. They also destroyed colour Samosa chatni at the spot.


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