Check Kitchens storerooms and hygiene

VMSS food safety teams continued their checking drive on Friday and visit the hotels and other eating outlets operating on highway. The team collected food samples from there and send to the laboratory for testing.

The food safety team comprises of six members strikes at the hotels and other food outlets operating at the highway near Vadodara city. Starting from Kapurai Chowkdi to Golden Chowkdi the team checked the kitchen, storeroom for the quality of food they serve to the customers. They also put focus on the hygiene and collected samples from the outlets for laboratory checking.

The second food safety team will visit various areas in the city for a reality check about the training given to the street food vendors about maintaining hygiene. The health department recently conduct a training programme for the street vendors in view of the unhygienic Panipuri selling in Vadodara. The team forced to restrict the selling of favourite Panipuri here in the city and train the vendors to maintain hygiene at their workplace.



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