Check the shops in Vadodara collect samples for testing.

In view of upcoming Uttarayan festival the VMSS food safety team start their drive to check adulteration in the food items sold during this time. The team conduct checking inside various sweet and farsan shops in the city and collect suspicious samples for further testing.

Uttrayan is famous for Chikki, Undhiyu Jalebi and various types of sweets and farsan where the family can eat together while flying kites on the terrace. The VMSS department also tighten up their shoes and began checking for adulteration in the food items. Total four teams checked shops in Old Padra road, Waghodia road, Nizampura, Warasiya and Manjalpur areas and collected samples from there for checking.

Food inspector Jitendra Gohil said the checking continues and on Saturday the teams will visit the factories and starts their drive there.


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