Issues strict guidelines for quick solution of problems

New Vadodara Municipal Commissioner Ajay Bhadoo conducted surprise checking at the various departments of VMSS on Wednesday and gave important instructions to the officials. He also focused on immediate solution of the problems related to health and basic things and give strong instructions to solve it with proper coordination between concerned departments.

A day after taking charge as VMSS commissioner Ajay Bhadoo went on a field visit to various departments and centres and get to know the working process there. He visit Zonal office, Ward office 7,8 and Urban centre at Navidharti where complaints of Cholera and other diseases were recieved. He also visit the City Control and Command Center and try to know more about it.

The visit by commissioner surprised the officials as they were instructed to adress the problems without any delay. “I visited the various offices and the CCC to know the working culture there and issue necessary instructions to the officials. The most important issue is health which has to be attended on top priority. Water contamination, leakage in line and mixing of drainage water is some of the reasons of present health issues. I issued strong instructions for a coordination between the health and engineering department to solve the problem without any delay and with utmost responsibility,” said Bhadoo.

He also speaks on the bad condition of city roads and put focus on quick solutions of the problems and complaints. “The issue of roads is there and first we have to see the Defect Liability Period of the roads and if it falls inside the contractors are responsible to complete it. Secondly I also saw complaints from the residents and issue instructions to adress it on urgent basis and also search the reasons. We also want to see where the system is lacking and wants to strengthen it,” said Bhadoo.


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