An unfortunate incident happened on Friday morning in Vadodara after a VMSS employee badly burned after the fogging machine caught fire. With almost 80% burns the employee was admitted in the ICU and fighting for life. The incident sent shockwaves among others as the fogging work is continuing in various areas due to the outbreak of diseases.

The ill fated incident happened on Friday morning when the VMSS employee of Filaria department Kantibhai Solanki went to Kishanwadi area for fogging work. He reached the Veer Bhagatsingh Chowk and started the fogging machine when it suddenly blasted and the fire spread. The diesel run machine blasted and the same spread to Kantibhai who engulfed in fire due to the diesel. The people were shocked to see the VMSS employee engulfed in fire and rushed to help him and doused the fire after sprinkled water on him.

Witnessing in shock the situation where VMSS employee engulfed in the fire inside the tempo the nearby residents rushed to help him. The locals informed the VMSS department who rushed to the spot and shifted badly injured Kantibhai to a hospital. The local Congress councillor Anil Parmar accused the department of using the fogging machine beyond it’s expiry date.

The sources said that most shocking was that Kantibhai denied to operate the fogging machine as he was aware of its expiry date and feared it might gives away anytime and lead to a dangerous accident. However the officials didn’t hear him and forced to operate the same machine which leads to the dangerous accident on Friday. Anil Parmar demand a vigilance inquiry in the matter after the incident as the locals are protesting against the corporation and officials for negligence.

After the incident the other fogging machines placed inside the VMSS urban health center in the area and as per the sources they are also old. In this situation there is a urgent need arrives to check the machines in every center and to replace them.

The badly injured Kantibhai Solanki was fighting for his life in the hospital. After the incident Mayor Bharat Dangar and Municipal Commissioner Vinod Rao reached the hospital and promised every help to the family.



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