All facilities for covid vaccine storage and distribution have been set up by the Municipal Corporation in Vadodara including Central Store Ice Line Refrigerator facility at Primary Health Center at Chhani.

The administration also make arrangements for delivery of vaccine at 50 Primary Health Centers in Vadodara District.

In the midst of the Corona pandemic, the first phase of vaccination of the paramedical staff, who are on duty as Corona Warriors, will start from the 16th, for which pre-preparation has been completed.

As part of pre-preparation for the copied vaccine by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, the quantity of the first vaccine to be received from the Vaccine Institute will be kept at the Central Store at Chhani from where it will be sent to the 34 Urban Health Center in Vadodara. Arrangments were also made there to store the Corona vaccines can in the ice line refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees.

Brahmadatt Rawal, in-charge of Central Store, said that the vaccine would first arrive at the Central Storage at Chhani, then the vaccine would be sent to 34 Primary Health Centers in Vadodara with proper facilities and security at 34 Urban Health Centers.

It is to mention here that as per the guidelines laid down by the state government, in the first phase, the covid vaccine will be given to the health care workers on the 16th which includes 17000 health care workers. Arrangements have also been made to deliver the vaccine at 50 PHC centers in the district.


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