Team will check and penalise the people throw waste carelessly

To keep the city neat and clean VMC starts a campaign to penalise the persons throwing rubbish on road and adjacent areas. They make a sanitary squad team to look after the process and start collecting fines range from 100 to 5000 rupees. In ward 5 office the squad collected around 2lakhs in fines from the people threw waste in the area.

VMC spend crores every year in door to door waste collection in the city and also taking every efforts to make the city clean. Taking a step further they formed a sanitary squad to check the interiors of the city which sometimes is prone to wastage.

The squad visit the areas and implement fines on the people throw waste near their house, shop, office and the laaris. The squad will work to make the interior areas clean and will collect fines from the offenders. They are collecting 100 for residential, 200 to Laariwalas and 5000 from those repeating to throw waste regularly.

The squad collected around 2lakhs from the persons in ward no. 5 in the city. “The effort is to make the city clean and beautiful and we are penalising the persons throw waste on road and the vicinity. The squad will check inside every ward and collect fines from the persons involved in throw wastage,” said Jitendra Solanki Sub Sanitary Inspector Ward 5.


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