Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) designated officer and additional health officer conducted strict checking in different areas of Vadodara city in three days in the last week. The teams took samples of various food products used extensively in view of peoples health.
checkingThe health department formed different teams of food safety officers and checked the quality of the extensively used food items. They took the samples of butter, cheese, ghee, vanaspati, fat spread and other products and send them to the food laboratory for checking.
checkingOn 20th February the food safety officers team took samples of butter and ghee from the Khanderao market area, Madan Zampa road, Bakrawadi, Chowkhandi, Kevdabaug and Baranpura areas.

The team collect samples of fat spread and pizza cheese pack from Khanderao market, loose ghee from Bakrawadi, loose vanaspati from Baranpura naka, loose butter from Kevdabaug, loose ghee from Baranpura and loose vanaspati from Chowkhandi.
checkingOn 22nd February the team took samples of cheese, ice cream and cottonseed oil from Manjalpur, Raopura, Dairy Den circle, Fatehgunj areas.

On 23rd they took samples of cheese, table margarine, fat spread, pasteurised butter, butter from airport, Waghodia road, Kala Darshan, Raopura, Baroda Dairy and Genda circle areas.
checkingIn total the team took 18 samples of cheese, table Margarine, fat spread, pasteurised butter, butter, ghee, vanaspati, cottonseed oil and send them to the public health laboratory at Fatehgunj for checking. The teams also issued instructions to to the food business operators for maintain hygiene under food safety standard act 2006.


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