25 members team will reach with flood response equipments

Vadodara Municipal Corporation Fire Emergency Services team is all set to leave for flood affected Kerala for rescue operation. The team is equipped with flood response equipments and already prepare their plan of action to involve in rescue and search operation there.

Kerala is facing the worst times as heavy rains and floods creates havoc everywhere. Hundreds of people died and thousands were shifted to safer places by the rescue teams. With more rains predicted in Kerala rescue teams are reaching there to help in the operation.

A 25 members team under command controller Fire Officer Om Jadeja from VMC FES is all prepared to leave for Kerala for the rescue operation. The team is taking all necessary equipments like 5 rescue rubber boots with 30hp OBM, rescue jackets and life rescue rings, Ropes, guidelines, corss lines, illumination arrangements, communication system, road maps, tool boxes and others.

The team already prepared their plan of action about flood response, rescue and search operations there. According to Om Jadeja all the things are in place and their main priority is to save people lives stuck in the flood affected areas in Kerala.



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