Closed till they get the No Objection Certificate from the fire department

In view of Surat fire incident the Vadodara Municipal commissioner Ajay Bhadoo issue the order to close down tuition classes in the city till they get the No Objection Certificate from the fire department. They released the list of classes and going to share it in the social media.

Nearly 18 people died majority of being children after a commercial complex in Surat caught fire on Friday afternoon. At the time of fire a tuition class was running inside the complex and the students jumped from the windows to save themselves.

Taking the serious note of the incident VMC commisioner issues the order in view of the safety of students and people. “The Surat fire incident is alarm for us and we have to take precautions without blaming anyone. Efforts is to aware people about putting the equipments and train them how to use them in case of emergency. There will be no compromise with safety and security and need to find long term solution for the same. We Identified 152 tuition classes and already send notices about the fire NOC certificate as many of them fails to get one.  We will check classes and will close from tomorrow till they get the NOC, ” said Bhadoo.

He further added that they will going to share the list in the social media and request people to find them more of such classes running without safety.  They will also check the importance public places like hospitals, basement restaurants and check their NOC certificates and issue instructions regarding safety. The teams will conduct survey of such buildings and aggressively check the safety norms.


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