Viral Video of youths enjoying liquor party with BJP flag


A video of group of youths having liquor party went viral in social media raised questions regarding prohibition law in Gujarat. What is more surprising is that the inebriated youth in the video are shouting slogans of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jay and waved a BJP flag.

As per the details the youths in the video are from Vadodara and said to be associated with the BJP named Mahesh Raj, Dhaval Raj, Shailesh Parmar, Jignesh Parmar and Kamlesh Rohit. All of them are openly consuming liquor and cigarettes.

The video was shoot by one of them and later make it viral on the social media. The details further revealed that all are said to be from BJP representing SC ST cell in various wards of Vadodara city. In the video they are congratulating each other while openly enjoying the liquor and cigarettes.

Commenting in the video Vadodara BJP President Ranjan Bhatt said strict action will be taken against them as per the party rules.


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