A video of firing in the air in the victory procession of Padra seat winning Congress candidate went viral in the social media. Jaspalsinh Thakor and Chaitanya Zala who resigned from BJP and joined Congress before the elections were seen hugging each other and Zala fired in the air.

Jaspalsinh Thakor makes history after he defeat the BJP candidate Dinesh Patel alias Dinu Mama in the recently held assembly elections. After the win the Congress supporters took out a victory procession in Padra and various villages under it. On counting day the victory procession was also taken out at the Polytechnic college where big number of supporters also joined.

The procession reached Padra where Chaitanya Zala also joined the party. The supporters picked him up on their shoulders and he garlands the winning candidate Jaspalsinh Thakor and wish him on his victory.

In the meantime one of his friend handover a black colour airgun to him and he fired rounds in the air. Jaspalsinh Thakor also fire in the air with the same gun on insisting by the supporters.

The video of the same went viral in the social media and the police take serious note of it and started investigating.

On the viral video Chaitanya Zala defends himself and said the firing was done by the airgun. However the Padra PI D.M. Vyas said around 40 weapons are in their custody before the elections and they are investigating about the airgun used in the procession.


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