Violent in Senate meeting at MSU Vadodara

National Safety Day 2021

The Senate meeting in MSU Vadodara turned violent today on Thursday with UGS Hitesh Batra and Senate members resorted to verbal abuses and the Senate hall was turned into fight ground. Not only that one of Senate member Jigar Imandaar was so agitated that he broke glass on table in anger.

The issue started when the UGS Hitesh Batra and VP Priyanka Patel came inside the Senate meeting and putting forward their demands in front of the Chancellor Shubhangini Gaekwad, Vice Chancellor Parimal Vyas and others.

However the issue was out of hands when the UGS Hitesh Batra called all the Senate members as ‘Chor’ and that agitated the members present inside. Senate members Satyen Kulabhkar, Mehul Lakhani, Jigar Imandaar all argued and protest aggressively after being called thieves. Jigar Imandaar was so agitated that he broke a glass on table in anger inside the Senate hall.

“All was going well when UGS Hitesh Batra and put allegations on the Senate members and called us thieves. This is not the way to talk or address the Senate members in a ongoing meeting. However he later apologise and the meeting continued and end silently,” said Imandaar.

Hitesh Batra said that they attend the Senate meeting to put forward their demands but the agitated Senate members don’t allow him to say anything. “We went there to put forward our queries before the Senate but the members didn’t allowed us to do so. We went there to put forward the views of the students but was helpless as all rushed towards us in anger. However we attend the whole meeting later on. We will take this thing forward in coming days,” said Batra.

Senior Senate member Narendra Rawat also put forward many questions regarding corruption and other things. But later he walked out from the meeting with allegations that he was not allowed to speak.


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