VIM donated two ventilators to SSG and GMERS hospitals


In fulfilling their social responsibility Vadodara International Marathon donated ventilator machines to hospitals to help in treatment of patients. Two ventilator machines have been donated by the Vadodara Marathon to Sayaji Hospital and Gotri Medical Hospital for speedy treatment of patients amidst Corona pandemic.

“Sports, service, hygiene” is the motto of Vadodara Marathon, and we continue to work with local, social and civic initiatives,”said Tejal Amin, Chairperson of the Vadodara Marathon. The team recently donated two ventilators to SSG and GMERS hospitals and wishes speedy recovery of all Covid patients. She also added that their thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their lives to this epidemic.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. And the marathon follows his principle, further added Tejal Amin.


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