Kept sticks with them to protect themselves.

In the recent time we are witnessing leopard attacks in various villages near Vadodara and other nearby places. One such incident came to light in Shihor village in Padra where the villagers are living in fear as the leopard killed one cow and calf recently. The villagers are now protecting themselves by carrying sticks and other items with them towards their fields.

As per the available details the leopard attacked the animals and killed them which spread the fear among villagers. The leopard moves with her cub and that forced the villagers to move along with sticks and other things to protect themselves from being attacked.

They also informed the forest department and they put two cages at scheduled spots to caught the leopard. They also informed the veterinary doctor to conduct the postmortem of the animal and also took the statement of the farmer. They also assure to pay claims to him after the investigation.


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