Villagers of Gajadra caught a person on suspicion from child lifter gang


video viral on social media

People of Gajadara village on suspicion caught a person believe him as member of child lifter gang in their area. A video of the same went viral on social media where the villagers were seen tied him with rope and asked him about the other members of his gang. However later in police investigation it is known that the person belongs to Odisha and mentally unstable.

As per the available details the villagers caught the alleged person is suspicion and tied him with rope and beat him mercilessly. They also paraded him inside the village before handover to the police. The 20 second video shows the persons beat him asking about the other members.

On the incident Waghodia PSI Darshan Rao said the video was viral in the social media where the villagers beat the person thought to be a child lifter. But in the investigation the victim seems to be mentally unstable and is from Odisha. Presently they are searching for another Odisha resident help them to get the exact details of the victim and how he reached there.

He further said that action will be taken against the people beat the innocent person on suspicion and take the law in their hands. He also appealed the people to first confirm the identity of any unknown person and if possible take the help of police without taking the law in their hands.