With the diversity of colors, people and the type of food found in Gujarat, it is no surprise that there are festivals that would keep you busy the whole year too! The woman in Ghagra Choli doing the Garba as they were born with the skills and the mustached men beating the dhol is something mesmerizing to witness. Here we will list down some of the festivals of Gujarat:

  • Navratri: This is the most important festival of the state celebrated during the month of October or November,and while we can’t imagine performing Dandiya and Garba for 10 nights on a row, they don’t lose their energy. It is celebrated throughout the state since it is the most important and vibrant festival. 
  • VauthMela: This is a fair organized for thetrading of animals which is weird,but the way the animals are decked up and dressed in ornaments will surprise you. It is considered very religious and is conducted where the holy rivers are converging. Families are known to live outside,and sweet dishes are a specialty.
  • RannUtsav: As the white sand mixes with the vibrant colors of the clothes and pagrisduring autumn, people wait for nothing but extreme joy. This is also known as the “Kutch Festival” since it is celebrated in the Rann of Kutch itself. Witnessing the cultural performances and the wide range of shops will make you stick to the place throughout.
  • Janmashtami: The birth of Lord Krishna is anticipated for the whole year till the time comes and it is celebrated in a grand way in Dwarka. The idol of baby Lord Krishna is placed in a cradle and worshipped from midnight,and the cradle is kept swinging the whole time. He is also offered his favorite Makkhan, and Mishri and activities follow the next day!
  • Rath Yatra: Of course Orissa is known for the huge Jagannath Temple and their glory,but Gujarat doesn’t lack behind with their temple in Ahmedabad. A procession is carried out with the Rath on an auspicious day while the rath is pulled by general people to show their devotion.

These are some festivals of Gujarat that you cannot miss out on, so while you plan your travel or decide an itinerary, be wise enough to include some of the ones that happen during that time.Also, carry important valuables which you might need while performing a bit!


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