National Safety Day 2021

Complained of technical fault in vehicles after filling diesel

Vehicle owners in Vadodara put allegations on a petrol pump for selling adulterated fuel resulting in technical fault in their vehicles. They went into heated arguments with the pump owner created chaos there.

The incident happened at Bharat Petroleum pump situated at Bahucharaji crossing where many customers complained about faults in their vehicles after filling diesel. The people then refill diesel in bottles and  complained of getting adulterated fuel after found the colour as crystal clear.

They then reached the petrol pump and put allegations on them for selling adulterated fuel.

Meanwhile the petrol pump owner Chirag Patel said the customers complained about the adulterated fuel and they checked the density and quality in front of them but found nothing wrong. As far as the colour is concerned it is due to the low Sulfer content supplied in the country.


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