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Vedic paint a natural solution to keep your house five degree cooler then outside

Vedic paint a natural solution to keep your house five degree cooler then outside

With rapid cutting of trees and other reasons, we are staring at a scary picture of global warming in future. The higher temperature welcome many types of disaster and creates a serious threat to the mankind. The only thing that can save the world is little awareness and a sense of responsibility to save nature and be natural.

With such a scenario we often think about going back to our roots where we live in naturally built mud houses in villages and beat the heat. However our lifestyle sometimes prevent us to go back and hence we are forced to live inside the concrete houses and use air-conditioning and coolers to drop down the temperature.

Vadodara based entrepreneur Mukesh Gupta comes up with a unique idea of using Vedic paint to beat the outside heat. Using Gaucast, Gaumutra and lime as main ingredients, the naturally prepared paint is claimed to be reduce the temperature to nearly 5 degrees in comparison to outside heat. He claimed that
Kamdhenu Vedic paint is first of its kind concept in the country.

Under the brand Kamdhenu Gaumitra, the vedic paint has seven main colours, white, yellow, red, green, pink, grey, off orange and one can make 27 types of sub colours as per their choice. The main ingredients are Gaucast, Gaumutra and lime.

"Kamdhenu Vedic paint first of its kind concept in the country and it has natural ingredients which leads to climate control, temperature resistant and gives a natural touch. The idea is to utilize gaucast and made a chemical free pure paint. The paint is guaranteed to down the room temperature to five degrees in comparison to the outside heat," said Mukesh Gupta Director Kamdhenu Gaumitra.

Witb the help from Kalpesh Patel technical manager, they started to work on the concept from last six months and made Vedic paint. "We get the raw materials from 30 gaushala situated in Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. In per 10 litre we use 25kgs Gaucast, 5 litre Gaumutra, 5kg lime and natural colours," said Gupta. He also added that they approached Nitin Gadkari, current Minister for Road Transport & Highways and the Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Government of India about the concept and he promise a positive response to promote.

Talking about the benefits of Vedic paint he said, it control the temperature, is natural, organic and give positivity. They wish to save cows and spread awareness in people about turning to satvik way of life. Presently they have 5000 litres of order but due to shortage of manpower they are not able to deliver.

Next month they plan for a commercial launch and samples are ready at couple of places at Vadodara, Anand and Borsad, kutch, navsari and Bharuch. It will take one month to make the colours.

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