Various types of solar cookers displayed was the highlight of the 6th Solar Cookers International World Conference which concluded on 18th January’17 at Muni Seva Ashram, Goraj, Vadodara. Cookers like foldable types, cardboard, bazooka, magnifying glass are some of the designs which turned the visitors to have a look at them.


In the 6th Solar Cookers International World Conference he world’s most influential solar cooking experts scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, educators, field project managers from more than 25 countries share their transformative work in a living green technologies venue, Muni Seva Ashram, in India. This conference is continuation of previous efforts of solar cooking promotion initiated at Coimbatore (India), Spain, Barli (India), Sacramento (USA).

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Apart from sharing of ideas innovations the difference types of cookers on display are worth a watch. Totally different from traditional designs the Solar Cookers on display are made of various materials even from cardboard. Some cookers are foldable and some have installed magnifying foil base concept. The cooker made from cardboard is worth a watch as it made from cardboard. Then funnel base, Solar steam base cookers and dries are also on display.