Believed in cow based organic farming gives new direction to farming with experimentation

Vanraj Singh, a farmer from Bavalia village in Shinor taluka, is accustomed to doing new green feats in agriculture. While other farmers are using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in their fields to increase their production, he has been cultivating cow dung and urine for a long time and done pure farming. This has created a prominent market demand for his pure farm products.

Once again he has achieved another green feat after grown vegetables this year. He grow ball-like round, beet-shaped and red-spotted radish which have become the center of attraction.

Radishes are often found to be long and white and many farmers also grow radishes as long as a hand and very thick. In order to do something different Vanraj Singh grow red raddish. This year he planted red and round shaped reddish using unique seeds.

He has also grown four different colored spinach and harvested native tomatoes, chillies, coriander, papaya, bananas, cabbage and, as an experiment, broccoli, an expensive foreign breed. The urban consumers of Vadodara buy the vegetable crops of cow based farming grown from these indigenous seeds.

When people are leaving animal husbandry, this farmer, who believed in organic farming and has been honored by the state government. He also raises cows of indigenous breeds. He complemented cow husbandry and organic farming, proving to be both affordable and rewarding.

He said that an organization called Sahaj has set up a seed bank to preserve the desi seeds. From this institute they get the native seeds of vegetables. The contacts of such organizations help them to improve agriculture and make it pure. He got the native seeds of red radish from this institute.

Vanraj Singh guides the interested farmers in cow rearing and pure farming based on cow matter. He has shown the direction of cow based organic farming to the farmers from the stages of agricultural fairs. He says the way people keep family doctors now seems to be the need to have a family farmer to get pure cereals, vegetables and milk products.

Nature has a lot to give to man, but we has forgotten and lost a lot due to get more and faster. Experimental farmers like Vanraj Singh are reviving the lost identity of indigenous farming by cultivating within the limits of nature.


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