Recieved more than 12.26 lakh doses of vaccines and more than 10.83 lakh doses have been distributed to cities and districts

Vaccination campaigns are currently in full swing across Gujarat state, including the country, to protect people against corona. Indigenous vaccines made in India are being given to people of all age groups after determining the priority groups.

In this nationally important health campaign, an organization from Vadodara is playing the role of mother Source to facilitate vaccination to Vadodara Municipal Corporation and people from 7 districts of Central Gujarat.

The institute is formerly known as the Vaccine Institute and is now affiliated to the office of the Divisional Deputy Director of Health, as the Regional Vaccine Store.

Through the State Government, the Government of India provides stocks of two types, Covishield and Covaxin vaccines which are sent to the seven districts to proceed with the vaccination as per schedule. Municipal Corporations and all the above districts have arrangements for cold storage as the vaccines is to be kept at prescribed cold temperatures and is essential to maintain the effectiveness.

Apart from Vadodara Municipal Corporation and Vadodara district, the store offers a wide range of vaccines for Bharuch, Narmada, Chhotaudepur, Mahisagar, Panchmahal and Dahod districts under the government’s vaccination program.

Informing that Vadodara has started receiving the quantity of vaccines for the above mentioned area from January 13, the Divisional Deputy Director of Health Dr. Rajendra Pathak said that on that day the first quantity of 94700 doses of Covishield vaccine in a cold chain van-cold chain vehicle was arrived from Pune.

Since then a total of 1068150 doses of this vaccine have been received so far and out of which 947650 doses have been distributed to 7 districts including Vadodara Municipal Corporation and in the prescribed proportions. This is an continuous ongoing process.

Informing that the quantity of Covaxin vaccine was received by air in two rounds, he said that a total of 158480 doses of this vaccine were received out of which 136280 doses have been distributed. Thus, 947650 doses of Covishield and 136280 doses of Covaxin have been supplied to the districts of the department so far.

The entire quantity of vaccines sent and delivered here is managed by a very transparent Avin software – Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Software. This software is updated daily by all the districts. Based on this, decisions are taken at the state level, including sending a new quantity of vaccines.

It is easy to get vaccinated but the process of delivering the vaccine to the people and keeping it safe is very complicated. The system is doing it very carefully by taking every possible care. It is necessary that people take full advantage of this safe vaccination when their turn comes.


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