Vadodara youth protest against Congress


Vadodara Yuva Yodha Sangathan raised their protest against Congress and beat the Rahul Gandhi poster with shoes and shouted slogans against them. The group protest against the members of Kerala Youth Congress who had recently butchered a calf in broad day light and distributed its meat in public.

There is lots of talks going on for cow safety act in India. Somewhere there is acceptance and somewhere there are protests. The Kerala Youth Congress members butchered a calf in broad daylight which raised nationwide protest against them.

BJP and its associates are also protesting against the inhuman act and in view of that Vadodara Yuva Yodha Sanghatan aggressively protest against the congress. They beat the poster of Rahul Gandhi with shoes and worship Gau mata to press forward their demand to declare cow as national animal. They also protest against Kiran Rijju and termed him as demon.




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