Vadodara Yoga teacher dedicate a performance to Covid health workers


Performed 72 Surya Namaskars wearing PPE kits to feel their pain

Coronavirus pandemic is taking it’s toll on everyone and the frontline warriors are working as a shield between to save us. Putting their lives in danger they are working day and night with the patients, maintaining law and order to help people stay safe from the deadly virus.

Yoga teacher and master teacher 108 Surya Namaskar Praveen Maripelly dedicate a performance to Covid Health workers (Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist and other Health staff) who are keeping their life in risk and saving our lives. He said, When you are able to imagine Sacrifice, Pain and Suffer of COVID Health workers with PPE Suit for hours, I am sure you will take care for yourself. We all know that Everyday doctors are dying in process of treating COVID patients. This is his small effort to awaken the society towards COVID-19.

Praveen is performed an expert in performing Surya Namaskars in extreme climate conditions and different surfaces. He is  performing 108 Surya Namaskar everyday for 7 years and now dedicate this special act to the Corona warriors. With respect, limitations and understanding of PPE Kit he performed Surya Namaskars accordingly. He says, this is not a stunt or something to prove and there is a positive message behind this performance.

“I am talking about Kit, Health Workers, Virus and Self-Responsibility. I wore this kit for hardly 16 minutes and performed 72 Surya Namaskars. I felt suffocated, no air circulation and a lot of sweating and can imagine how Health workers wear this kit for more than 8 hours in a day. We can’t imagine how hard it is to wear for hours in such a climate (approximately 40+ degrees). We should salute and respect frontline warriors and take proper precautions to stop this virus. Health workers are living everyday in a risk zone with Covid patients. In this case at least we are Not,” said Praveen.

He further said that the virus is affecting everyone from celebrity to poor and does not know “discrimination”. When you don’t follow guidelines properly then you are the next person to get this Virus. We should accept this situation and facts and should not live the same life until the vaccine comes.

Through this video he gives message about, Stay at Home until and unless it is not an emergency, a healthy lifestyle (good sleep, food and exercises or yoga or meditation etc.,), avoid social gatherings, wear Mask always when you are outside, sanitise your hands frequently, maintain physical distancing at least 6 to 8 feet. The only thing that saves us is government safety guidelines.


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