National Safety Day 2021

Give detailed preview of rules through live display of equipments

It is said that to reap the benefits one must inculcate the things from the beginning. Working on the same concept Vadodara city traffic police spread awareness about traffic rules among the schools students and children visited the three day Bal Mela organised inside the Sayajibaug.

The traffic police took the opportunity to spread awareness about traffic rules towards its endeavour to make people follow the rules for their safety. During the three days of the mela the RSP team gives a detailed preview about traffic rules to the students, children and visitors through live demonstration and display of the equipments.

The team through their stalls give detailed description about the rules and the equipments they use like LED batons, Breath Analyzers, Speed guns, helmets, reflectors and others. The Zebra and Signal maskots also were displayed there along with a photo exhibition to give a visual impression of the subjects. The teams also distributed pamphlets to the visitors visited the stalls.



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