Ten teams conduct checking at different traffic points in the city

Vadodara traffic police conduct a special drive related to number plates and caught people violate traffic rules. The teams checks the various means taken up by the riders to avoid being caught in the CCTV.

On 2nd May the traffic department conduct special drive for the the people violate traffic rules with brilliance. The teams specially check the number plates as they found people using various means to avoid being caught in CCTV cameras installed all across the city.

Many of the riders tied auspicious cloth (Chunri) on the number plates and also put black colour to hide the registration number. Some of them broke a part of the plate to avoid themselves being caught in the CCTV. Some use fancy number plates against the norms set up by the RTO and traffic department and violate the laws numerous times.

To check such drivers the police teams conduct the special drives at L&T circle, Genda circle, Chakli circle, Akshar chowk, Susen circle, Soma Talav, Sardar estate, Kala Ghoda, Nursing home circle and Sangam circle to caught such traffic violaters. The teams also fined them on the spot after they were found not obey the rules while driving.


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