Protesting of getting unhygienic & low pressure supply of water

Tandalja residents in Vadodara went to zone office and broke earthen pots in protest of getting polluted water and that too not in good pressure. It is worth to be mentioned that due to leakage in Narmada canal the area will not get water for four days.

As per details the resident of Tandalja are drinking polluted water and secondly not getting with good pressure for months. Local social worker Ashfaq Malek approached the officials many time with the problem but the issue is not resolved yet and only promises were given to them.

In such a situation the females of the area went to the West Zone office and broke earthen pots in protest. They also give a written memorandum to the officials and request to resolve their problems at the earliest. They also threaten to intensify their agitation on Gandhi way if the problem is not solved by them.


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