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Vadodara taluka LCB arrest two in the murder of youth whose body found in Sevasi area

Vadodara taluka LCB arrest two in the murder of youth whose body found in Sevasi area

Local Crime Branch team of Vadodara Taluka police solved the murder case happened at Sevasi and arrested two accused involved in the crime. The murder was a fallout of love affair between the victim wife and the accused. Police team also recovered the innova and gold jewellery from them and further investigation is on in the matter.

A loot with murder complaint was registered in taluka police station by one Ramesh Chimanbhai Thakor about his missing 32 year old son. Later his body was found in the Sevasi area with deep injury marks under the eye, neck and stomach inflicted with some sharp edge weapon. A injury was also there at the back of his head caused by some heavy object. The family of the youth also informed that two rings, a chain was missing from the body. The unknown accused took away the mobile, innova, driving licence and other documents.

An investigation is launched by the police teams and after visited the crime spot they came to know about Atul's mother has been charged under prohibition in Vadodara city. So the team investigate on different angles like any rivalry of his mother in the liquor business, any love affair of the victim or any case of money transaction. All the teams were mobilised to conduct necessary investigations on various issues and necessary instructions and guidance were given regarding the interrogation of his circle of friends as well as persons.

During investigation the team get to know about the love affair between the deceased wife and friend Sachin Mori. He is not able to meet her and hence planned to kill Atul with the help of his friend Sagar Parmar. So both of them already placed pipes and other weapons at the crime spot as planned. They took Atul to the scheduled spot pretending to be roam around and as he got down from the vehicle, they attacked with the pipes and killed him. They then fled with the vehicle, mobile and jewellery.

During the close interrogation of the two accused, they accepted to throw the mobile and clothes inside a nearby canal and kept the vehicle and jewellery with them. The team seized all the things and further investigating about involvement of others and recovery of other items.

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