Vadodara SOG team caught a Tadipaar accused with foreign liquor


On 20th March on Monday the SOG team received the input about one Tadipaar accused Ravi alias Jigo alias Chamdo Thakorbhai Maachi involved in liquor trade and is selling the liquor on his two wheeler near his home near Nalanda water tank in Vadodara.

The team raid and caught the accused from Slum quarters near Nalanda water tank along with 28 liquor bottles. An offence was registered in Panigate police station against the accused.

The accused Ravi Maachi earlier arrested in two offences of prohibition in Panigate police station and also sent to Surendranagar jail under PASA .

Two offences under 323 and 307 was also registered against him and on 20th September 2016 he was Tadipaar by the police for one year. The accused was selling liquor despite being Tadipaar by the police and on Monday the SOG arrested him.


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