Vadodara SOG caught tanker releasing acidic effluent inside river


Vadodara SOG on Tuesday caught a tanker releasing the acidic chemical inside Vishwamitri river near Vadsar area of the city. The GPCB officials were immediately called to the spot to take the samples of the chemical. On seeing the police the workers releasing the chemicals flee from the spot. However the hunt is on to nab the main accused who according to police are into this thing for the last one year.

Based on prior information the SOG team kept a watch at the spot and caught the private tanker used for releasing the chemical effluent inside the river. The team then immediately informed the GPCB officials in this matter and they reached the spot to check the nature of the acidic effluent and took samples for further testing.

The accused used pipes to release the effluent inside the river water and police believed that they are involved in such activities for the last one year. SOG PI H.M. Chauhan said that the accused released the chemical effluent directly inside the river water which is used for drinking purpose by the residents. The chemical is said to be responsible for many deaths in the past. They have identified three accused and hunt is on to nab them.

The GPCB official Neeraj Shah said the tanker is releasing the acidic like effluent inside the river which seems dangerous. They took samples from the spot and send it for further testing in the laboratory. Primarily they said the chemical is dangerous but it will be clear after the testing.



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