Vadodara SOG team busted a high profile sex racket running via internet in the city. With the help of Mahila police the SOG acting as customers and caught the pimp along with the call girls after a successful trap. A complaint was registered in Mahila police station and further investigation is on for the other links.

The Vadodara SOG Incharge PI H.M. Vyas and his team busted the racket after searching the online sites served sex. The team searched various escort websites and found one ‘Highest Standard Call Girls Escort Service’ is operated in Vadodara and all the work done is through e communication.


Based on the information the SOG police team on Friday searched the website and contact on a mobile number for availability of any girl pretending to be customer. The pimp asked them to contact on whatsapp number and then forwarded beautiful pictures of girls to the number.

Without revealing their identity the police asked the pimp to finalise the place to meet the girls. The pimp replied them to arrange the girls whenever they needed and also the place. After the conversation the SOG police team planned the trap to nab the culprits.


SOG police with the help of Mahila police and the panch planned the trap and called the pimp who in turned replied to meet them outside MacDonald restaurant on Old Padra road on Friday afternoon. The pimp Shiyaram Yadav came in his rickshaw GJ 6 XX 3894 with the two girls and as previously decided handover the girls to the Panch for 12,000 rupees.

While accepting the money police arrested the pimp red handed and busted the high profile online sex racket. Police recovered cash, mobile, papers and the case was regiatered in the Mahila police station against the pimp and others.


During Primary investigation it was revealed that the girls are from outside and on contract and provided lodging, food and other facilities along with 1 lakh as monthly Salary. The pimp collects 6000 to 12,000 per girl from the customers. The police is further investigating about the sex racket and the links.



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