National Safety Day 2021

Caught eight persons seized 22 and passports which includes five duplicate ones from them.

Vadodara SOG busted a duplicate passport racket and caught eight persons for running it. The team seized 22 and passports which includes five duplicate ones from the accused.

On 8th October the team recieved a tip about some persons gathered near Gaylord tea point opposite Rajshree talkies in Sayajigunj and their activities are looking suspicious. One also carries some documents inside a black bag. Based on the information the team reached the spot and caught eight persons from there.

The arrested are Deven Nayak from Ahmedabad, Kirtikumar Chaudhary, Hitesh Patel, Rakesh Kumar Prajapati, Priyank Patel, Parth Patel all from Mehsana, Alpesh Patel from Gandhinagar and Nilesh Pandya from Ahmedabad. The team seized 22 passports which includes five duplicate passports of Spain from them. The team also found one Identity card of Republic of Estonia in tbe name of Hitesh Patel.

The modus operandi of the accused are to cheat people with duplicate passports. Accused Deven Nayak and Kirtikumar Chaudhary runs a tours and travels business and plays the agent role in making duplicate passports. They contact Nilesh Pandya for the duplicate passports of Spain for the other accused. Nilesh brought all the passports from Bangalore.

An offence was registered in Sayajigunj police station and further investigation is on in the matter.


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